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Fisher Space pen stories, facts and interesting items

We have a number of stories, interesting facts and info about the Fisher Space and Paul C. Fisher the inventor of the Fisher Space Pen.

A few little TRUE facts about the Fisher Space Pen

Conceived over 50 years ago by Paul C. Fisher, the original space pen was brought to market in 1948.

Further development was undertaken to improve the pressurized refills, ball points and inkreplica magic technology.

By 1965 with a $2 million dollar investment program the Fisher Space Pen company offered ag-7 to the NASA space program. After 18 months of vigorous testing ag-7 (the original Space Pen) was accepted for use by American astronauts, beginning with the Apollo missions. two years later, AG-7 was offered and accepted for use by cosmonauts in the Russian space pop watch program.

Employing unique design characteristics and revolutionary technology of the sealed, replaceable refill. the Fisher Space Pen was born.

As testimony to the classic industrial design, the Datejust space pen is exhibited at the New York museum of modern art. the Bullets timeless styling has been the topic of many art books and magazine.